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The 8 Levels of Mental Health.

The Eight Levels of Mental Health.
Bryan McMahon

1. Physical.
2. Bio-chemical.
3. Electromagnetic.
4. Mental.
5. The World.
6. Bio-Energetic.
7. Trans-personal.
8. Love - De-centralized Consciousness.

1. Physical.
Unhealthy people have improper physical substances lodged in the gut and throughout their bodies such as; heavy metals, toxic chemicals, parasites, excess acids, impacted feces and bacterial plumes of yeast and fungus.

The first step in healing is to remove these inappropriate substances.

This variety of unsuitable organic and inorganic materiel can cause distress, dysfunction and disease by depleting nutrients, generating poisons, blocking pathways and denigrating bio systems, thereby lowering the quality of ones mental health.

For optimal mental health these physical impediments must be eliminated.

Clearing the colon and digestive tract gently and thoroughly must be the beginning of the elimination process enabling other toxic chemicals and heavy metals to pass through and out.

Leached dental mercury and many other mental illness causing neuro-toxins are stored throughout the body in fat cells and organ tissue. These poisons can be removed with a good detoxification program.

Drinking large amounts of alkalized, micro-clustered, antioxidant water is a staple of this program and will balance the PH of the body, rehydrate the cells and reduce free radical damage. Because the molecules of ionized water are micro-clustered, or “wetter”, they can more quickly carry toxins out of the cells and more easily bring nutrients and antioxidants in.

All improper substances can be taken out with herbs, super foods, psyllium fiber, chelating agents, raw food, juice fasting and a far infra-red sauna. A body, clean to the cellular level, is the foundation of a well functioning mind.

2. Bio-chemical.
With unhealthy substance gone, the body’s cellular structures must be repaired, replaced and jump started with nutritional supplementation and proper care.

Many people have become chronically malnourished after decades of a diet that is not nutritionally sufficient. A blood chemical analysis test for targeted nutritional supplementation and a guided 30 day raw food diet can repair the body at the cellular level. Exercise, sunshine, stress release, and fresh air are also part of this biochemical process.

Healing the body heals the mind.

By enhancing and balancing the biochemical systems of the body through exercise, proper diet and supplemental nutrition the health systems can be quickly strengthened.
Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and B among other supplements can have an immediate positive mental effect.

By alleviating or eliminating the effects of food allergies, nutrient deficiencies, brain inflammation, PH imbalance, chronic infection and hormonal imbalances the body and brain can be healed and mental health can be restored.

3. Electromagnetic.
When the body is clean and healthy, the effects of traumatic experience must be dislodged and dissipated by balancing and optimizing electromagnetic brain-wave and heart-wave patterns. Besides evolutionary development itself, the residual effects of trauma are the prime impediment to the flowering of a healthy consciousness.

With trauma representing cognitive damage, and a healthy consciousness representing the proper functioning of mind, we find the primary problem and need. With the elimination of the residual effects of trauma the way is made clear for the individual to recognize and reestablish health in all other aspects. For the unhealthy individual, unable to see an effective path forward to full health, this level becomes a pragmatic starting point.

Trauma, including difficult birth, physical injury and psychological shock, is registered in the nonphysical or electromagnetic functions and structures of mind. In this way trauma can permanently unbalance brain and heart wave patterns associated with our thoughts and emotions. These unbalanced electromagnetic waves of brain and heart can house or cause a dysfunctional mental and emotional process, leading to psychological problems and antisocial coping mechanisms.

There are a few methods for optimizing one’s brain and heart waves into “whole brain thinking” and “emotional coherence.” The oldest brain balancing techniques include meditation, drumming and dance and the oldest emotional coherence technique is practiced forgiveness. Recently, other methods have been developed that are more universally, rapidly and effectively practicable.

Binaural entrainment is a technical way of inducing a generalized brainwave homeostasis, for an hour a day, for several months, until a more balanced pattern settles in naturally. An approach called Brain State Conditioning, which isolates the brain into an EEG based self stimulation loop allows the brain to fully optimize itself. It is noninvasive, quicker and much more comprehensive than almost any other therapeutic technique. A portable biofeedback device called Heartmath can stabilize a person’s heart rhythms to be coherent, allowing for a balanced emotional state on a consistent basis.

These and other technologies can have profound results by clearing the neurological and bio electrical residue of all trauma, freeing the patient from old and dysfunctional electromagnetic patterns of thought and emotion.

When the electromagnetic wave patterns of brain and heart are in an optimized state, psychological pathology finds no place to reside.

4. Conceptual.
All of us find limitation in the beliefs, concepts and expectations of ourselves that are assumed and then held in our subconscious mind. To be mentally healthy, the self image must be examined and reestablished to provide a more functional vehicle for one’s persona and psyche.

Enjoying the guidance of an NLP, hypnosis or shamanic life coach can replace non supportive beliefs and unhealthy self concepts with images of confident motivation, positive expectation and a healthy outlook.

5. The World.
To be mentally healthy one must interact with people and the world in mutually beneficial ways. To create a relationship with the world the major talents of the individual must first be discovered and enhanced. An individual may find social fulfillment via the development and expression of their innate talents in the world.

Through the practice of goal setting techniques these talents must be refined and developed until they can be exchanged for a rewarding participation with the outside world. Of course, a paycheck is a powerful form of therapy in itself. By this participation with people and the world one finds one’s place and so can generate the stability needed for friendship, love, family and community.

6. Bio-Energetic.
The underlying bio-energetic pathways or life energy meridians animating and identifying all living systems have long been recognized. The practice of acupuncture is the most well known of methods to manipulate this system of energy meridians, but of course there are countless variations.

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a popular example of the new field of energy psychology and is used for clearing the energetic residue of emotional trauma. By tapping on or stimulating relevant meridian points while focusing on a particular emotional distress, mental and even physical ailments can often be quickly relieved. These tapping techniques, which take only a few minutes to work, can be easily learned and used as needed in real time situations.

There are many ancient practices involving the manipulation and balancing of the life energy pattern including Chi Gong from China, Reiki from Japan, Pranayama from India or EFT and Bioenergetics from America. These practices all utilize breathing and visualization for added strength and control. The upper therapeutic limits and practices of these techniques are not publicly known.

The balancing, harmonization and unobstructed flow of the life energy pathways can smooth the clearing of physical and psychological damage, sometimes catalyzing profound and immediate results.

7. Trans-personal.
We are all intuitive and therefore connected to others in non physical relationship. With intuition it is possible to carry the influence of trans-personal attachments in very subtle levels of the subconscious. A dis-empowering attachment to others, especially those who are strongly related to us, can be a psychological burden to be intuited and carried psychically.

This residue of non personal trauma and unconscious relationship is a still more refined level that might need to be cleared in some cases, with the use of Shamanic or past life therapeutic techniques. In this way one can become dis-entangled from unhealthy psychic attachment to our ancestors, the spirit world, humans and the animal world.

8. Love - Decentralized Consciousness.
A centralized source of identity manifests as ego or overt individualism. When two or more consciousnesses merge to some extent, or decentralize, they experience “love.” All forms of consciousness, indeed all manifestation, find a true source in an omnipresent, eternal and unified field of consciousness, the ultimate ground of being; Pure Love. It is by relinquishing ones individual ego consciousness and re-identifying with the energy flow of the unified field that one eliminates all conflict and finally obtains True Peace.


A Few examples of relevant Links;

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http://www.Drmercola.com the source for sensible naturopathic health practices.
http://www.centerpointe.com/ These are high quality Binaural beat therapy CDs used for brainwave entrainment. An hour a day for six months alleviates most dysfunction.
http://www.immrama.org/ Binaural beat therapy CD.
http://www.brainstatetech.com/ Brain State Conditioning.
http://www.brainstatebalance.com/ Local BSC office in Pacifica where I got mine with my friends Thea and Greg.
http://www.learningstrategies.com/Home.asp A wide variety of affordable hypnosis tapes and transformative practices show the possibilities for retooling the subconscious, mind and body. Check into spring forest Chi Qigong with master Chunyi Lin.
http://heartmath.com And interesting biofeedback device for optimizing ones emotional health by training the practitioner to stay in a state of optimum emotional balance.
http://www.stopsmokinginstantly.com Hypnosis + NLP. 96% success with addictions. Useful implications for life coaching and obtaining better life habits and goals.
http://www.emofree.com Energy psychology, emotional acupuncture. This site deals with a technique called EFT, the emotional freedom technique, but there are many other variations of the methodology.
http://permanentpeace.org/ Through powerful group Sidhi meditative techniques this organization has conclusively, scientifically demonstrated the ability to affect the mental health of whole neighborhoods at a distance. Put them in the attic? Maybe too funky for this program but the implications… wow.

Disclaimer- Nothing about what has been stated in this article should be construed to mean that anything mentioned here is a cure or treatment for any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor for medical advice.

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